About Stevi

My camera and I go way back, it all started in the summer of 97′. It was love at first snap… hah.
But in all seriousness, I did pick up my camera in my early teenage years and it was mostly out of a desire to connect with my family, friends, and myself. I was born in Colorado and raised in the south of England, two very different worlds that I wanted to understand each other, and photography was a very natural way for me to form that connection.
I would spend summers back in Colorado with camera in hand documenting all my adventures and learning what it meant to tell a story through the lens of my beloved 35mm and these summers encouraged me to go on and study photography and spend an absurd amount of time in the darkroom while in school.
To this day my passion and love for telling stories with my lens still holds strong and has evolved into this beautiful adventure that is Dust + Grit.

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About Mae

For me, it started with disposable cameras. At a very young age, I began snapping stills of my life and the world around me. I found great excitement in waiting weeks for rolls of film to be developed at the local Ben Franklin. These little stills became my journal and my story; moments in time I wanted to keep forever, for fear I wouldn't remember them otherwise.
Of course, with time, the stories I've been telling through my lens have evolved just as I have. My style, my intention, and my experience through this medium are constantly growing and changing.
For a long period of time, I ignored this art that I adored so much. Ignored for reasons that I know now are utter bullshit. For fear of not chasing what is "expected", fear of failing, fear of being different.
Well, fuck all that. Welcome to Dust + Grit, my latest story. A profound, empowering, beautiful chapter in my life that I'm thrilled to share with you.

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